An Awareness programme on “First Aid”

The Youth Red Cross of Sri Ramakrishna Institute of Technology conducted an awareness programme on “First Aid” through online mode. The resource person for this programme was Pulavar R.Manickam, District Secretary, Indian Red Cross Society, Chengalpattu District. He initiated the session on the objectives of the topic of first aid followed by the role of the first aider and the procedures for incident management. In life-saving skill, he demonstrated the first aid treatment which should be followed during the bite of dog, snake and scorpion. He also demonstrated DRABC (Danger Response Airway Breathing and Circulation) procedure. DRABC is a first aid routine used in case of suspected serious injuries. He showed the first aid procedures of fracture, bleeding and minor injuries. Finally, he demonstrated the single, two, three and four-way first aid transportation methods. Seventy-Eight students of Sri Ramakrishna Institute of Technology participated in this awareness program and the programme was very useful for students.