Youth Red Cross Unit of Sri Ramakrishna Institute of Technology conducted a “Fire Safety” training programme on 09.03.2023 at the college premises. The resource person for this programme was Mr.D.Narasimhan, Fire Safety Officer, SNR Sons Charitable Trust, Coimbatore. He briefed about the reason for fire occurrences, types of fire, various firefighting equipment, ways to handle fire extinguishers in case of emergency, safety rules to be followed, safe practices, fire action plan, fire safety escape plans, emergency routes and exit, safe zone, removal of dangerous substances, good housekeeping plans and fire prevention methods. He also trained the students by demonstrating the methods to put off different types of fire. At the end of the training, students and staff members made use of the fire extinguisher to put off the fire by following the instructions given by the trainer. He created awareness about fire safety and educated the fire safety instructions to our students and staff. One hundred and eighty-three students of Sri Ramakrishna Institute of Technology participated in this training and got benefitted.