A seminar on “Elevating Innovations to Entrepreneurship”

A seminar on “Elevating Innovations to Entrepreneurship” was conducted by the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. The Resource Person for the seminar was Er.R.Baskaran, a Retired principal chief signal and Telecom Engineer from Southern Railway. He started his seminar by sharing his experience in railway sector and the projects he undertook there. He iterated that entrepreneurship is the vehicle that carries innovative ideas from the drawing board to the marketplace. It involves taking risks, facing challenges, and most importantly, persisting in the face of adversity. He explained it with the example project on bio degradable waste and non-bio degradable waste, which is very much essential about to today’s world. He questioned the students about the practical working of objects and the materials used in it. He said that Innovation and entrepreneurship are two sides of the same coin. While innovation brings forth new ideas and technologies, entrepreneurship applies these innovations in real-world scenarios, creating products or services that benefit society. The journey from innovation to entrepreneurship is not an easy one. It requires a conducive ecosystem that nurtures innovative ideas and supports entrepreneurs in their journey. This includes access to capital, mentorship, market opportunities, and a culture that celebrates innovation and tolerates failure. He shared many topics of project with the students. 38 students of EEE department attended the seminar. The vote of thanks was delivered by Mrs.  Sangeetha mam expressing her gratitude to Er.  R Baskaran for his enlightening seminar on projects which is very much useful and essential to the students.