ICT Tools


In order to enhance the learning experience, to provide better user-experience, state-of-the-art educational technologies are employed in the teaching-learning process. SRIT has good networking facility connecting every part of the campus for quick and easy access of contents from the Intranet / Internet, WiFi connectivity in the classrooms. All the faculty members of SRIT own personal laptops. Students are encouraged to use the facilities available in the institution.

The lecture halls and seminar halls are provided with audio-visual aids like LCD projectors with speakers and internet connectivity. The faculty members present the lectures though slides and wherever appropriate download video contents and lectures from portals like NPTEL / SWAYAM. The lecture and video presentations, improve the understanding of the concepts. For the presentation of lecture materials, 66 lecture halls are provided with LCD projectors and 41 lecture halls are equipped with smart boards that aid in better delivery of the contents. The faculty use flipped class rooms where the contents are posted to the students in advance and they come prepared for a discussion. Students can use SRIT Moodle and Google Classroom for accessing the lecture materials. Also, the students can use scribd, slideshare and YouTube platforms to access the course materials. This facilitates teachers to be mentors to improve learning outcomes, than mere teachers. Tools like Google class room, Zoom and Microsoft teams are also used both for learning and assessment. Video conferencing, Skype facilities are made available for interacting with experts, alumni and peer groups for value added discussions related to emerging topics.

Laboratories are equipped with computing facilities and are installed with licenced software for the simulation and analysis of the experiments and projects.

List of ICT-enabled learning created by faculty members.