Remote Centre for IIRS

Remote Centre for IIRS

From January 2014, Sri Ramakrishna Institute of Technology has become Remote center for Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS) under Indian Space Research Organisation, Department of Space, Govt. of India to conduct EDUSAT based Distance Learning Programme for Graduates, Post Graduates and Faculty members.

IIRS is a premier Training and Educational Institute set up for developing trained professionals in the field of Remote Sensing, Geoinformatics and GPS Technology for Natural Resources, Environmental and Disaster Management.

IIRS functions as a constituent Unit of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), Department of Space, Government of India. Formerly known as Indian Photo-interpretation Institute (IPI), founded in 1966, the Institute boasts to be the first of its kind in entire South-East Asia. While nurturing its primary endeavour to build capacity among the user community by training mid-career professionals, the Institute has enhanced its capability and evolved many training & education programmes that are tuned to meet the requirements of various target groups, ranging from fresh graduates to policy makers including academia.

The Institute campus also houses the headquarters of the Centre for Space Science and Technology Education in Asia and The Pacific (CSSTEAP), affiliated to the United Nations and first of its kind established in the region in 1995. IIRS provides support to conduct all its remote sensing and GIS training & education programmes at postgraduate level. The headquarters of Indian Society of Remote Sensing (ISRS), the largest non-governmental scientific society in the country, is also located in the Institute campus.

EDUSAT based Distance Learning Programme
EDUSAT based outreach programme (distance learning programme) of the Institute is the first of its kind in the country in the field of 'Earth Observation and Geo-information Techniques. The programme started in the year 2007 with a modest beginning, networking 12 universities, and has grown since then with the present strength of 64 universities across the country participating in this programme. The Institute has successfully conducted seven courses on “Basics of Remote Sensing, Geographic Information System & Global Positioning System” and "Advances in GIS" benefitting about 5600 students at graduate and postgraduate level.

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